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It’s crazy what a difference clean eating makes. In the picture to the far left, I had no definition because I was indulging just about every weekend. In the picture to the far right, I had no cheat meals for 3 weeks. My ab shadows are beginning to show! I’ve changed my regimen to having a cheat meal (not indulging) once a month. Seeing progress motivates me more and more!

In a few hours, my sister and niece will be moving to Mexico & jumping into another chapter
of the voyage we call life.
Everyone asks me, “Omg what are you going to do without her?!”
Yes, our bond has transformed from
Co-Workers to business partners
to friends to sisters -
But what people don’t understand
Is that a true friendship/sisterhood does not rely on convenience.
Will I miss her?
Yes - extremely.
But I realize that this is a time
where a huge transformation is occurring & I am (and will be) there to honor every aspect of her journey.
And I’m positive
she will be there for mine.

I will always carry
her and my niece, Empress
with me spiritually.
This is not the end, but only the beginning.
I love how we are able to love & appreciate each other so genuinely.
See you in September
Stephanie aka “The Fash”
xoxo 💖💗💛💙😘

At a time in life, I allowed my past and the opinion of others to dictate what I did. I’ve now reached a point where I’m learning to embrace every aspect about myself. The kinky hair, the wild imagination, the abstract mind, and the far-fetched dreams. Anything is attainable if the right people are placed in your life and your mind is fully set on goals. I am so grateful for those close to me and the crazy love & support they’ve given me towards my wildest, even craziest of dreams. @unfadingroyalty @cosmic_tunez @hewangm

Every time I see progress, I get sooo excited!! Been working so hard & it’s just beginning, just wait on it! Peep the back though! 💪💪💪

It is amazing how people can bring out certain qualities in each other that no one else can. I had would have never believed that I’d be able to form such an instant connection with someone, simply due to the fact that it is terrifying for me to fully unravel my outward shell, but because it collapsed instantaneously as soon as our souls collided - I was in awe. Today marks only a month into this journey we’ve contracted our inner beings to and I am eternally in debt because I do not deserve someone so great to embark on this journey with. Thank you creator for designing a being completely chiseled to my liking and thank you @cosmic_tunes for simply being you - my Brian 💗

The journey and the progress has been unreal. This transformation has happened in less than a year and I cannot emphasize enough that it has just begun. I’m so grateful for footprintsofmymoon who motivated, pushed, and inspired me. She’s been a friend, a fitness partner, and family. I love you dearly.

4th of July photoshoot with Bread Productions 

Styled by Pink Velvet Glam Squad. 

Hair and Makeup by footprintsofmymoon

It was fun feeling like a doll/canvas! 

footprintsofmymoon caught me customizing a shirt for one of the other models. 

Go visit @unconventional_attire on instagram! 

Thank you in advance, it is GREATLY appreciated! <3

Hand made tie-dye shirts. 

Visit @unconventional_attire (instagram) for more information. 

Photographer|Creative Director: footprintsofmymoon <3

Unconventional Attire is brand based from the concept of living life in the moment. We believe in living blissfully now rather than tomorrow. Do what your soul desires and whatever your passion is today - at this moment. Don’t live a conventional life searching for what corporate America tells you will make you happy - the “American Dream.” Wrap your life around whatever drives you rather than living the inauthentic, soul-less, and uncreative life of doing what makes you miserable in exchange for money. Find your passion - niche - construct your life around it. Don’t just be, create meaning. Be you - Unconventional.
(Clothing now available on etsy. Limited quantity - UnconventionalAttire.etsy.com)
Models: myself & @_letitbeknown (instagram)
Photography|CreativeDirector|Visionary: footprintsofmymoon @unfadingroyalty (instagram)
Edits|Banner|Logo: @cosmic_tunes (instagram)

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